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Olim Beyahad's vision – Members of the Ethiopian Israeli community will integrate as a normative and integral part of Israeli life in the areas of employment, residence, education, and social life
Ethiopian Israeli university graduates with professional, economic, and personal strength will serve as role models, take leadership roles among the Ethiopian Israeli community, and become an integral part of the economic and social leadership in Israel. Olim Beyahad mainly works to fulfill the dream by operating its main program, in the framework of which the organization identifies excelling Ethiopian Israeli university students and graduates with leadership potential, helps them integrate into suitable jobs in the Israeli workforce, and provides them with professional tools to excel in employment. Each participant is accompanied by a personal mentor (an individual holding a senior position in the job market). The mentors become partners in working to fulfill our vision and become active through the personal and emotional bonds they form with participants and the program. They also deepen their awareness of the problem and see their ability to create change. Olim Beyahad's graduates

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  • Immigrant Absorption

Olim Beyahad – Rising Up Together was established in 2007 by Attorney Yifat Ovadia and Adva Hadar with the aim of decreasing the unemployment rate among Ethiopian Israeli university graduates by promoting their integration into the forefront of Israel's business, academic, and public sectors, and giving them an equal opportunity to gain respectable jobs that suit their academic education. Since then, the organization has expanded its scope to include students in their last year of university and has supplemented the original employment-oriented program with other enrichment activities that teach life and leadership skills. All of Olim Beyahad's programs are based on the rationale that by successfully placing participants in leading jobs, these individuals will serve as role models for the entire Ethiopian Israeli community and the rest of society, empowering the Ethiopian Israeli sector and bringing an end to this population's unemployment and poverty.

Board of Directors: Amos Sapir,Naphtali Avraham,Yifat Ovadia,Yair Dar,Avraham Adga,Molly Levinson,Yaron Neudorfer,Bizan Gilad,Amir Sabhat,Tal Russo,Ilan Birnfeld,Dror Kfir,Eric Goldberg
Staff and Management We have 15 full-time and 1 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Sigal Kanotopsky
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Address: Ha'melacha 6, Lod, Herzliyya
Tel: 0775060840
Website: www.olim-beyahad.org.il/he/