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Yanshufim strives to prevent social and educational gaps and inequalities through the development and implementation of innovative programs directed towards kindergarten and elementary school-aged children in Israel’s social and geographic periphery.

Yanshufim, a non-profit organization founded in 2013 strives to fortify and strengthen Israel's next generation by providing every child with equal access to education and opportunity. Our goal is to unleash the latent potential within Israel's social and geographic periphery by eradicating educational inequalities. We identify where we are needed, develop holistic informal educational programs, and then implement them in elementary schools throughout Israel.

Most children we work with are identified by the Israeli government as at-risk children. They include the children of refugees, asylum-seekers, work immigrants, Arabs, and Jews. We believe that working with these children at a young age is necessary in order to prevent recurring social gaps by addressing the problem of inequality at its root. Our goal is to create real and long-lasting educational and social change.

Yanshufim’s innovative curricula seek to increase children’s confidence by empowering them, exposing them to new fields of study, encouraging their natural curiosity and creativity, helping them develop critical thinking skills, and helping them and their families build a safe, supportive, just, and equal community. Our programs are carried out using experience-based learning methods and we make sure that all activities are fun, engaging, value-based, and ultimately geared towards achieving our goals. Supported and supervised by Israel’s Ministry of Education and the municipalities we work with, our educational methods are implemented in diverse after-school programs.

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