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Through our social groups for socially anxious youth, to provide a secure place in which to practice social abilities, and a rich and relevant social circle

Rakefet was established in 2013 to empower people with social anxiety, promote their well-being and facilitate their social functioning, towards building a more inclusive and tolerant Israeli society. Social anxiety is the most common, yet most transparent anxiety of modern times; 30% of Israel’s population cope with introversion and avoidance, while 7-10% are clinically diagnosed with social anxiety - expressed through emotional struggles, distance from social interactions and avoidance from seemingly trivial actions.

Without appropriate treatment, social anxiety may reduce the chances and opportunities to integrate; it can produce isolation and disconnection from essential social circles (school, academia, work, relationships, and family). In extreme cases, it may even escalate, leading to acute risks including depression, addictions, and suicide. Our goal is to change the difficult daily reality of individuals facing social anxiety, facilitate their integration and thus contribute to creating a healthier society.

Rakefet takes pride in leading the way in the field on a national scale, with vast knowledge and experience in facing social anxiety. In the core of its activity, the association operates more than 20 socio-emotional groups for adults and 35 groups for children and youth. The group activity provides participants with a focused, effective, and experiential response that addresses their needs, complies with their abilities, and is potentially life changing. The empowering framework enables participants to employ, practice and strengthen their social skills while enhancing their self-confidence.

At the same time, we assist parents by providing them with practical tools to help their children. We encourage knowledge-based discourse, understanding, and tolerance by running workshops, multi-sectoral collaborations, and productive connections with authorities, along with nationwide school programing. In the current schoolyear, 67 schools across the country plan to conduct Rakefet’s Psycho-educational programs for schools (recognized and recommended by the Ministry of Education).

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