Over The Rainbow - The Zionist movement
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Supporting and promoting Zionist activity in the Zionist federations.
Increasing support for Israel across the world.

In a global world, Zionism faces global challenges, and Jewish who live outside Israel are in the front line. The Zionism must recognize the most important challenge to its future: 60% of the world’s Jews live outside Israel, and most of them have no intention of making aliya to Israel. We believe that resources should also be allocated to them, to strengthen them, help them fight anti-Semitism, and to foster their affiliation with the Israeli experience and the Zionist idea. If they do not plan to make aliya to Israel, we must bring Israel to them. This is a Jewish and Zionist duty, and will also prevent the loss of Zionist identity in their second and third generations.

In response to the needs of Zionist communities around the world, and alienation between the Zionist Congress and the Jewish people, and the lack of effort by the Congress to serve as a relevant forum for its constituents, Over the Rainbow – Zionist Movement was founded in the spring of 2014.

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  • Social Action
  • Culture

The Over The Rainbow Movement was founded in 2014 by a group of idealistic Jews in order to update and revitalize the Zionist vision and make that vision and the Zionist institutions that represent it more relevant to the global Jewish community in the 21st century.

Board of Directors: Nir Shoval,Avior Amrani,Aviv Levi,Igor Morrey
Staff and Management We have 1 full-time and 3 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Tzvi Avisar
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Address: HaHashmonaim 10/27, Kiryat Motzkin
Tel: 046996482
Website: overtherainbow.org