Neve Hanna for Children and Youth

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We see to the physical, emotional, educational and social needs of children and youth living at Neve Hanna after their removal from home, help them overcome past trauma, acquire education, internalize values, develop responsibility and independence.

Neve Hanna for Children and Youth, founded in 1974, is home to eighty 6-18 year old children and youth, 2/3 of whom from FSU and Ethiopian immigrant families. Neve Hanna children have been removed from their dysfunctional homes by court order or social service reference and parental consent. Most have suffered physical, emotional or sexual abuse impairing their personal safety, wellbeing and their emotional, cognitive and mental development. Neve Hanna initiated the family-like units where children lead a family-like life. 10 -12 boys and girls live in each unit and two staff members function as parents, providing warmth, protection and support. Neve Hanna's daycare program admits children and youth who arrive right after school and go home after dinner. Children are divided into 3 groups for activities and therapies according to their personal needs. Every child in Neve Hanna has a personal program that offers emotional support, personal growth, enrichment, tutoring and learning.

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