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Give to Israel with IsraelGives

Since 2009, over 500,000 donors have trusted IsraelGives to donate to Israel. With IsraelGives, you can donate tax-deductibly online by credit card or PayPal, by check, bank transfer, by gift voucher, donor-advised fund, or through stock.
Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes! IsraelGives partners with national nonprofit foundations to insure that your donation is tax-deductible. When you donate through IsraelGives, your donation will be made to this partner foundation that will then issue you a tax-receipt for the full amount of your donation. The funds will be transferred to the non-profit cause you recommened.

In the U.S., our national partner is America Gives , also known as American Support for Israel (EIN: 26-3383926). In Canada, we partner with Canada Charity Partners (CRA 818335390RR0001) and in the UK we partner with UK Gives (charity number 1161366).
How can I donate?
Donating online by credit card or PayPal
Through our website or through the PocketCause app, search through all of Israel's 42,000 non-profit organizations and social causes. Make a secured, online donation in your currency. You'll then instantly receive a tax-receipt by email for the full amount of your donation.

Donating by check
You can donate by check as well. Make your check out to our national partner, and mark in the memo section of the check the charity number of the organization you wish to donate to (it generally starts with 580).

In the U.S., please make your check out to "America Gives", and mail it to:
America Gives, P.O. Box 3263, Washington, DC 20010.

In Canada, please make your check out to "Canada Charity Partners", and mail it to:
Canada Charity Partners, 5785 Smart ave., Cote St. Luc, Quebec, H4W2M8.

In the UK, please make your check out to "UK Gives", and mail it to:
UK Gives, 483 Green Lanes, London, England, N134BS.

Donating by gift voucher or donor-advised fund
IsraelGives is happy to accept donations by gift voucher (from the UK), or from your donor-advised fund (US). We are currently recognized and approved by the major donor-advised funds, such as Fidelity and the Jewish Communal Fund. Just contact your fund and ask them to make their donation out to "America Gives", and mail it to the address above.

Donating stock
By donating stock, you receive a full tax-deduction for the current market value of your stock and avoid capital gains taxes. IsraelGives is happy to facilitate the donation of stock - just contact us for details.
Corporate Matching and Gift Aid
If your company has a corporate match program, you can have your donation to Israel doubled. Click here to see if your employer has a matching gift program, and how you can take advantage of it.

If you're a British taxpayer, the UK government will add an extra 25% onto the value of your donation. When donating online or by check, just note that you'd like to "Opt-in to Gift Aid".
Notice that we use the word "recommend" when talking about the Israeli charity to whom you are donating. That's because the IRS does not permit donors to "instruct" only "recommend" how your donation should be used. When you donate, the board of our national partner evaluates your recommendation, reviewing to ensure that the organization that you are donating towards has been approved to work with us, and meets our and the IRS' legal standards. Every organization featured on the IsraelGives website have been reviewed and pre-approved by America Gives; However, if, for whatever reason, we cannot respect the recommendation of which organization you'd like the funds to go towards, we will promptly return you the donation (we will never transfer it to a different organization).