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Matching Gifts

Many companies have a matching gift program; you make a donation, and they match it by mailing a donation of the same amount to the charity you've selected. It's simple to do - here's the procedure:

Step 1: Donate
Make a donation to a non-profit organization through IsraelGives. You'll receive a tax-receipt for the full amount of your donation - be sure to keep it in case your workplace requires it. Most corporate matching programs give you up to one year to request their match on your donation.
Step 2: Find your Company
Use our Matching Gifts search to find your company. Select your regional office if you get more than one result. If you don't see your company, please check with your HR department to ask if your company matches employee donations.
Step 3: Submit
Submit your matching gift request to your company, as per their instructions. If you require our contact details, they are:
Contact Person: Jonathan Bonder
Contact Telephone: 917-512-2968
Contact Email:

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