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The college committed to Educating for tolerance and against violence; Aspiring to excellence; Educating for sustainability; Educating for multiculturalism in Israeli society; Social involvement; Leading teachers’ professional development; Including

The David Yellin Academic College of Education is located in Jerusalem, in the pastoral Beit Hakerem neighborhood. Founded in 1913 under the name of "The Hebrew Teachers’ Seminary", it was a pioneering endeavor whose goal was to design teacher education programs in Hebrew so as to produce teachers who would in turn teach their own classes in Hebrew. Since its foundation, the college has been responsible for training intellectuals, writers, and poets, as well as thousands of teachers and decision makers in the field of education in Israel.
The college’s 5,000 students represent the diversity in Israeli society. Religious and secular Jews, Muslim and Christian Arabs, and new immigrants all meet up at David Yellin College with the common aim of becoming the next generation of Israeli educators.
The college operates as a non-profit organization and is run by a board of trustees and an administrative committee who meet once a month. It employs approximately 600 lecturers as well as an administrative staff of over 100 people.
The college offers a wealth of unique study programs that culminate in Bachelor’s degrees, teaching certification, and Master’s degrees. It also offers certification studies and various in-service courses, as well as a range of special programs and pre-academic preparatory courses.
In 2007, the Ministry of the Environment authorized the college to serve as a “green campus”. The Center for Education for Sustainability is committed to the theme of the environment and works toward integrating the information, skills, and values that are essential for promoting a sustainable culture for our well-being and for that of posterity.

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