Tsad Kadima
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Operating educational-rehabilitative centers for toddlers, children, adolescents and young adults with cerebral palsy and motor disabilities and their families
Tsad Kadima is an Israeli organization founded in 1987 by families and professionals dedicated to education and rehabilitation of children, adolescents, and young adults with cerebral palsy.
We are providing programs nationwide, based on the Conductive Education method. We provide our services to more than 350 participants (and their families) annually, without regard to religion, origin, or socioeconomic status.
Our programs include:
Nursery, kindergarten and primary-school classes;
Supplementary programs for children who are semi-mainstreamed into general educational settings;
Transitional adolescent apartments with training for independent living;
A residential community-living program;
Conductive education counseling and follow-up services for individuals and families;
Rehabilitative camps;
A Conductive Education Training Program, in conjunction with the Israeli Education Ministry and Peto Institute in Budapest.

    Categories of Activities:
  • Rehabilitation
  • Education
  • Social Welfare

Since 1987, Tsad Kadima–The Association for Conductive Education in Israel, has helped more than 1,250 motor-dysfunctional children and adults make great strides towards development and independent functioning. Programs serve all children, regardless of their religious orientation or national origin. Using the conductive education model, motor-impaired individuals are taught to see themselves as active participants in the world around them. They learn to independently master daily tasks, from eating and dressing to caring for their personal hygiene. Parents and caregivers play an integral role in the process, creating a wider circle of support and encouragement. Tsad Kadima’s earliest clients, who were in nursery school in 1992, are now reaching young adulthood. They have aspirations for higher education, army service and independent living. A number of graduates have started university studies and two are volunteers in the Israel Defense Force.

Board of Directors: Anete Mozes
Staff and Management We have 0 full-time and 0 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Guy Solomon
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Address: 11 Beit Hadfus St, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6540062
Website: www.tsadkadima.org.il