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KAV LACHAYIM is a social movement founded in 1989 for the purpose of helping thousands of children and others suffering from serious illnesses, complex disabilities, and rare symptoms. The movement’s activities depend on the voluntary help of hundred

Improving quality of life
We seek to ensure the maximum quality of life possible to those coping with physical limitations and their families. To help achieve this goal we run:
• personal tutoring programs for children with disabilities
• an on-going project involving around 1,000 young volunteers devoted to improving the quality of life of sick and disabled children
• annual summer camps for 450 disabled children
• Weekend breaks – 35 times a year within the community for around 1,500 disabled children
• Fun days, events, and trips throughout the country
• Home help and hospital visitation
• Bar and Bat Mitzvahs for disabled children
• Support and accompaniment during crises for those with serious illnesses
• Welfare assistance
• Aid towards the purchase of equipment for rehabilitation and medication
• Empowerment and life-change workshops
Saving life
Accompaniment, support, and resource-raising for sufferers of all ages facing life-threatening circumstances:
• Pursuit of the best medical treatment wherever it may be found in the world
• Establishment of foundations for financial support
• Assistance in finding resources
• Emotional encouragement and support
• Coordination with health services, insurance agencies, and government offices
• Legal aid

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