Mosdot Chinuch Toranim

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We empower the residents of Kiryat Gat and give them tools to raise themselves out of their unfortunate situation through various enrichment programs, and we provide educational and academic tutoring that enables the youth a better future.

We will provide you with a brief socio-economic and ethnic outline of our student population. Divorce rate is extremely high. Steady, if any income is very hard to come by for our students' parents. Drug use is encouraged for a variety of motives. It provides an easy escape from reality. Drugs, at the same, provide fast money for those who sell them.
The network can take credit for hundreds of families and children of all ages, children coming from extremely socio-economically deprived families.
These children come to us with problems of poverty, single parent, illnesses, divorced or incarcerated parents, or just released. Their backgrounds include newly arrived immigrants from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Ethiopia, or children who were born and grew up in Israel.

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