Voices in the Negev- A Training and Facilitating Center for Social Change (R.A.)

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Collot Ba'Negev (Voices in the Negev) is a pluralistic organization for studies, encounters and education.
Its activities promote democracy and equality and diminish any discrimination, be it based on nationality, ethnicity, economic status, gend

"Collot Ba'Negev" believes that creating change in a person's own self circle of being can generate a significant change his/her communal circle. Through its unique system of group facilitating training, the organization plants many seeds of change throughout the Negev, leading to a different, more advanced social discourse.

Collot Ba'Negev is training group facilitators through different emphasis of culture and community. This is done in order to identify and answer the different needs of each social group and to give place to different identities. This encourages the promotion and the development of leadership in each group, a process which radiates from the groups to the general society. Up till now, the choice to focus on group-work proves to be correct. The nature of this work enables Collot Ba'Negev to strengthen, empower and provide tools for the residents of the south, tools that serve to create a facilitative dialogue, which, in turn, works for the good of Israeli society.

In addition, Collot Ba'Negev is active in operating projects in the various colleges of the south, in Centers for the Young in different communities and in the southern communities in general.

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