Bema'aglei Tzedek
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Bema’aglei Tzedek uses educational tools & social action campaigns to create a more just Israeli society inspired by Jewish values.
Bema’aglei Tzedek is probably best known for being a pioneer in the field of Social Kashrut. Bema’aglei Tzedek’s Tav Chevrati, a certificate granted free of charge to restaurants that respect the rights of their employees and are accessible to people with disabilities, now graces over 350 establishments throughout Israel. Bema’aglei Tzedek also engages thousands of young Israelis, religious and secular alike, in ongoing educational programs that incorporate Jewish text study, an in-depth understanding of current socioeconomic issues in Israeli society, and practical social activism. In addition, Bema'aglei Tzedek's "Employment Watchdogs” initiative empowers 100s of high school students to advocate on behalf of non-union custodial workers and security guards working in their schools. We also run biannual, large-scale conferences tied to specific dates in the Jewish calendar and publish a journal dealing with the intersection between Jewish thought and social justice.

    Categories of Activities:
  • Bridging Social Divides
  • Empowerment
  • Volunteering
  • Civil Liberties
  • Human Rights
  • Education
  • Judaism
  • Social Action

Bema’aglei Tzedek boasts the following highlights: • Expanding the Tav Chevrati (Social Seal) certificate to over 400 businesses throughout Israel, and inspiring similar models in the United States • Running hundreds of educational seminars, which reached over 10,000 young Israelis • Spearheading a campaign that made Jerusalem’s only bowling alley wheelchair accessible • Working with the Tel Aviv Municipality to ensure that over NIS 4 million were returned to exploited contract workers • Running five successful social justice conferences, which drew thousands of participants from all over the country

Board of Directors: Efrat Degani Toperoff
Staff and Management We have 2 full-time and 1 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is ofri raviv
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Address: Shoken st 32 , 2nd floor, Jerusalem
Tel: 03-7718884