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Founded in 2006, ‘Tarbut’ (‘culture’ in Hebrew) is a non-profit national movement of pioneering young artists who reside and work as Tarbut Communities (‘urban kibbutzim’) in weakened towns and cities throughout Israel.
Our Its mission is to use art and culture as a vehicle for self-empowerment and social change to reshape the future of Israel, promoting values of social solidarity, equality, democracy and tolerance.
Tarbut members live and work in communities all over Israel, creating and delivering innovative artistic, educational and cultural programs for disadvantaged populations across the spectrum of Israeli society.

Tarbut’s community oriented programs and activities with children, youth and adults employ a wide range of artistic forms including theater, dance, music, film and the plastic arts. Tarbut also devotes significant resources to educating and training its members, aiming to continuously improve their skillset and capacity. Currently Tarbut touches the lives of over 10,000 children and youth at risk, as well as adults and seniors, with over 500 members living and serving as counselors in 15 different towns and cities from Ofakim in the south to, Nahariya and Tiberius in the north.

    Categories of Activities:
  • Settlement
  • Art
  • Social Action
  • Theater
  • Youth Movements
  • Culture
  • Education

Tarbut's recruitment has a ‘viral’ aspect as some of the disadvantaged youth who are the focus and benefactors of Tarbut’s community programs also join Tarbut as members. Programs include: • Tarbut Youth (6th to 12th grade) establishment of youth art groups in various disadvantaged communities by Tarbut members. • Tarbut Shnat Sherut post high-school year of community service before army with continuous training and guidance by older Tarbut members. • Tarbut Nahal Service combined community/military service with continuous guidance by older Tarbut members. • Tarbut Community After discharge from the army, Tarbut members found additional 'urban kibbutzim' where they live and work in disadvantaged communities with the children, youth and adults.

Board of Directors: Hadas Goldman,Dan Fink,Adi Ben Eliyaho,Yotam Carmeli
Staff and Management We have 3 full-time and 40 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Goor Shelly
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Address: Keren Hayesod 24 Afula, Afula
Tel: 0502029904
Website: www.tarbutmovement.org