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Modern Orthodoxy needs to develop. It needs to learn to fully accept communities that allow women to play a more active role in community life in general, and especially during Tfila. In “Zemer haZayit” our goal is to have a major impact on this dev

We introduce and practice changes in our community. They are all sanctioned and approved by major Halakhic authorities. - Women say Divrei Thora during Tfila, from their side of the Mechitza. - The Sefer-Thora is carried - by women - through Ezrat Nashim. - Girls up to the age of 10 sing Anim Zmirot from the women’s side of the Mechitza. - Women say Kaddish aloud from their side of the Mechitza. - The Mechitza runs in the middle of the Shul, from the Aron-Kodesh to the back, allowing women to better hear and see the Tfila and Kriat haThora. - Women dance with Sifrei-Thora on Simchat-Thora. - On Bat-Mitzva-celebrations and other occasions women have their own Thora-reading.

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