The Public Knowledge Workshop ("Hasadna")
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Our mission is to give people access to public information that should be open and accessible to begin with. By enabling search, analysis and discussion on information we turn government data into public knowledge and power public participation.
The Workshop: Incubates the development of free websites and mobile apps based on open source software that make governmental information open and accessible to the public; development is done by a core group of 140 volunteers, of which 30-50 meet on a weekly basis, and a larger circle of 400 additional volunteers. Works with the government and Knesset to increase public transparency and open additional information. Cooperates with organizations, institutions, media and citizens that share its goals Brings together social and Hi Tech entrepreneurs, developers, designers and editors to incubate its projects. We view our first two years of operations as successful proof of concept showing that access to government data in Israel is possible and can be done with government cooperation. Now is the time to cement our accomplishments into a structural change, making a sustainable contribution to Israeli society. To do this we need to grow and work in cooperation with our stakeholders.

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  • Empowerment
  • Volunteering
  • Civil Liberties
  • Technological Incubators
  • Education
  • Technology

2011: opening of the annual budget for review for the first time ever. 2012: working with the finance ministry to open information about finance committee budget transfers. 2012: launching the Trachtenberg project tracker. 2102-2013: cementing “Open Knesset’s” position as the key information source for activists, Channel 2 News and the public,and driving record traffic to the site prior to the elections. 2012-2013: working with Google Israel and the Israeli Democratic Institute to create a pilot of open municipalities together with the JDC and others. 2013: joint action with other civil society organizations to open the protocols of the Ministerial Committee on Legislation prompting action by the Justice Ministry. We’re involved with the Government CIO, in the Finance Ministry and the Freedom of Information Office in the Justice Ministry to advocate for change.

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Staff and Management We have 2 full-time and 0 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Yuval Admon
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