Elifelet - Citizens for Refugee Children
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Our mission is to rescue hundreds of the refugee babies and children in southern Tel Aviv from the devastating cycle of poverty and hunger in which they are trapped in Israel.
"Elifelet" is a winner of Yigal Alon award for outstanding pioneering action of 2015. Our volunteers rescue hundreds of children from the cycle of poverty and hunger. The exact number of refugee children in Israel is unknown since the State of Israel does not allow the parents to register babies at their birth. These children are literally "transparent", mostly unknown, do not exist for the State and therefore the State is not obliged to take any responsibility over them. Most of these children have no medical insurance and there is no follow up after the state of their health and development. Many of the children live in intolerable conditions in terms of nutrition, hygiene and safety; the kindergartens lack equipment, toys and development stimuli. Started with supporting one refugee kindergarten, today "Elifelet" is supporting five kindergartens (about 200 babies, children and their families). In 2015 Elifelet had established a first after school facilities - HOMADE.

    Categories of Activities:
  • Aid for the Needy
  • Food (Provision and Collection)
  • Education
  • Social Welfare

"Elifelet" was founded in February 2013 by a group of enthusiastic activists to rescue and support the most vulnerable part of the refugee community, the children."Elifelet" is a volunteer based organization committed to the children's welfare and basic needs. At the beginning of 2013 "Elifelet"s volunteers literally rebuilt a kindergarten that was burned to ashes by the local community during demonstrations. Since then "Elifelet" recruited volunteers for daily based educational work with the babies and children in 5 kindergartens. "Elifelet" recruits, collects and supplies the kindergartens with cooked food, diapers, bed sheets, clothes and shoes, hygiene supplies and detergents, medicine, toys and games on daily basis. Professional social workers are reaching out to the families in order to access child's living conditions and assist families if needed. "Elifelet" is and will be investing great efforts to bridge the heart-breaking gap and fulfill the needs of defenseless children

Board of Directors: Michal Berger,Orna Angel,Ilana Inbar
Staff and Management We have 0 full-time and 0 part-time staff members
Our C.E.O. is Yael Gvirtz
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Address: Maze 54, Tel Aviv - Yafo
Tel: 0547007011
Website: www.elifelet.org